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Our newest creation: Gather Chocolates

We are delighted to introduce the newest addition to our Harbor Sweets artisanal family, Gather Chocolate. Conceived out of a love for nature and the outdoors, Gather Chocolate is not only beautiful and a delight to the taste buds, but also our way of raising awareness of the plight of the honeybee. The alarming loss of honeybees and other pollinators is perilous to all agriculture and our ecosystem. We hope to change the trend by becoming part of the solution. We will be donating 2.5% of all Gather sales to the Pollinator Partnership to aid in their efforts to preserve and protect our pollinators. During the Holidays we cherish gathering with friends and family, let Gather Chocolate enrich your holiday festivities. We think you will enjoy these exceptional chocolates!

Happy Holidays,

Phyllis B. LeBlanc

Owner and CEO

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