About Us

Harbor Sweets has grown significantly since its humble beginnings back in 1973. Today, the company employs over 100 people, and has several product lines such as its Classics with original nautical designs of Sweet Sloops, Sand Dollars, and Marblehead Mints. Its Dark Horse Chocolates, a special equestrian themed line for horse enthusiasts, and its newest creation, Salt & Ayre, a line of truffles and salted chocolates. Each year close to a quarter of a million packages are sold and shipped all over the US and to far-flung locations such as Switzerland and Japan. Specialty shops and boutiques sell its premium products across the United States. What is unique, is what has not changed in four decades. The company still employs its original chocolate making techniques using copper kettles and wooden paddles, combined with the finest local ingredients of fresh butter and cream. It embraces its personal connections with its retail and direct customers. Moreover, it supports the community, rehires seasonal, and part time neighborhood workers, many of whom are 20 year veterans. Extraordinary is that Harbor Sweets does not outsource and continues to work steadily from its only factory; a red brick, non-automated facility where uncompromising hands-on manufacturing is the norm. Harbor Sweets longetivity is attributed to its ability to apply the simple age-old concept of the Golden Rule, “treat others with honor and respect as you yourself would want to be treated”.

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