Since Harbor Sweets inception it has been an important part of our mission to invest a portion of our earnings in community services. Our charitable giving generally focuses on organizations that support local community outreach, children in crisis, feeding people in need, women’s programs, preserving open space and benefiting animal welfare.

Below is a list of some of the organizations that Harbor Sweets supports.

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your organization but, as you can imagine, we receive many requests for donations. To be fair and thoughtful we have formalized a review process with criteria that encourages true and meaningful engagement to make a difference in our community by supporting worthy causes. Following is the background as to how Harbor Sweets reviews and makes giving decisions.

What We Contribute
Harbor Sweets contributes a portion of our pre-tax profits to community outreach. These requests are reviewed annually and decisions are made in April.

Any marketing related requests are handled separately and do not fall under charitable contributions.

Qualified Donation Recipients
Harbor Sweets will only donate to registered 501(c3) groups. We evaluate partnerships for the potential to create outcomes that are measured for their favorable impact to a shared and valued constituency.

We invite you to complete the donation request form found at the following link: Donation Form