Sweets Rewards

Earn reward points on every purchase. Redeem for discounts on future purchases.


Have questions? We have answers!

What is the Harbor Sweets Rewards Program?

Our Sweet Rewards Program is a way for retail customers to get rewarded when they shop with Harbor Sweets. Join, earn points, and redeem rewards! It's that easy.

Am I eligible for this program?

This program is offered to all retail customers. Corporate and wholesale customers are not eligible to join the rewards program.

How do I join the rewards program?

Simply sign in with your Harbor Sweets account! Find the Rewards widget in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

Is there a membership fee to join the rewards program?

No! The Harbor Sweets Rewards Program is totally free.

Can I use my rewards in store too?

Yes! Your in-store purchases earn you rewards points. Provide your email address at checkout, and we'll handle it from there! Rewards members are welcome to redeem their points online or in-store at our Salem and Beverly locations!

Do my points expire?

No! Points never expire. Save them or spend them—it’s up to you.

How can I check my points balance?

Your points balance can conveniently be found using the Rewards Widget in the bottom right-hand side of the screen, or logging into our Rewards Page.

When I redeem my points for a discount at checkout, can I also use a coupon code?

We can only honor one discount code at a time, so if we are running a promotion, you can use either the rewards points or the discount code, not both.

What should I do if I have a different question?

We're happy to help! Reach out to our customer service team at 978-745-7648 or customerservice@harborsweets.com.